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Salty Flea Team

CREATOR & PRODUCER - Julie 'Jules' Rieter

Jules has called Salt Spring home since 2016. She's passionate about creating projects and opportunities that bring people together. Originally from Europe, Jules grew up happily rummaging through markets for hidden treasures. The Salty Flea combines her love of markets with this islands' magical people and offerings.​ Check out the other projects she has on the go. This year, Jules hopes to finish her Airstream tiny home.


Ash has been on Salt Spring since 2013. She volunteered at the very first SF when she was pregnant with baby Osian. Ash is wonderfully organized and refreshingly (Welshily) direct. She's spearheading the outdoor scene at the upcoming SF. In the little spare time she has left, Ash is deep diving into Hellenistic astrology and hopes to offer birth chart readings in the near future. She relishes ocean dips, gardening, and crafting.


Bronwyn Clark for being an important part of the SF story and team from the very beginning. She is focusing on Bronzai Creative, which merges her passion for barbering, photography, and other artistic pursuits.

Nina Pickstone for her creative & musical gifts to the third Salty Flea. Nina is off to study textiles and design in Europe.

Piet Suess for designing the Salty Flea logo, poster, and business card.

Harley Dunn at Chasm Audio, our favourite sound wizard.

Marc Kitteringhamphotographer extraordinaire.

...And a BIG SHOUT out to all of our amazing volunteers...We couldn't do it without them!

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